Hello Everyone,

The migration of all the invoicing has been completed. All outstanding invoicing have been transferred to the new system and will go live Saturday, January 13th. A preview of the Invoice Dashboard and the email notifications can be viewed here.

So what will happen?

  • – The Invoice Dashboard will be made available.
  • – An email will be sent containing your username and password.
  • – Email alerts for all unpaid transferred invoices will be sent.
  • – Previously setup PayPal subscriptions will be canceled.
  • – Website management and invoicing will be the same system and user credentials. (year 2015+ accounts only)

What will you need to do?

  • – Bookmark the Invoice Dashboard page.
  • – Login and change your password.
  • – Review your invoices.
  • – Send me an email if you need a detailed list of historical invoices.


After logging in for the first time I highly recommend that you change your password to something memorable and secure. There are many links throughout the site to the “My Information” section where you can edit your account information, including your password. It is optional, however, I high recommend choosing one or two of the two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account.

As before, PayPal will continue to be the payment processor. Manual and Automatic payment information will never be stored on MunkyPress servers. Any PayPal subscription that were stupid previously will be canceled and your reoccurring invoices have been set up to create a new subscription when paid. If you would prefer to pay them manually please send me an email. Likewise, if you paid manually before and which to switch to automatic payments please email me.

Thank you,